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The Northwest Passage was probably the greatest and most incredible achievement in my career. I can’t imagine anything harder. It was my Everest. I have a strong mental attitude but asked myself several times how and why I decided to face so many challenges      and dangers and why I risked my life so many times“.

Yvan Bourgnon

Northwest Passage, Bimedia<br /> Challenge , Défi Bimedia

The experience of Yvan Bourgnon in the management of performances is fully comprehensive and will allow you to develop them in your company and teams.

Skipper for the past 22 years (1st TRANSAT JACQUES VABRE in 1995), his objective is to always set new challenges and to be highly competitive.

The recent Northwest Passage forced him to surpass himself, to overcome obstacles and even to face risks in order to stay alive.

The adventure actually started on land since he had to initiate and manage the investments of his partners and to control the costs.

The success of this challenge also depended on the cohesion of his team.

In order to develop teamwork, he had to develop methods to inform and manage all the people involved both remotely and in a timely fashion, whether they were based in France or anywhere in the world.

Organizing, communicating, managing all activities while controlling the quality and managing both costs and risks are part of Yvan Bourgnon’s daily routine since he started his career. Since his first circumnavigation on a uninhabitable sailboat (2 years) the organization evolved, so did the teams.

His passion for the sea started when he was very young. He was 8 years old when he sailed around the world with his parents (4 years). A few years later he decided that navigation was going to become his goal in life.

 Yvan Bourgnon now concentrates on ocean protection. He created the first High Seas catamaran dedicated to picking up plastic waste and founded the association The Sea Cleaners.

The objective is also to raise public awareness on global warming in order to share experience and thoughts.

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